About us

At Tanana Watershed Mesonet, our passion is collecting and sharing precise weather data to enhance understanding of our local climate and support the communities within the Tanana River Basin. Our network of weather stations is strategically positioned to gather real-time data on temperature, precipitation, wind, and other critical meteorological variables that impact our waterways, ecosystems, and daily lives.

Our mission is twofold: we serve as an essential tool for researchers and scientists studying climate patterns and environmental changes in the region, and we are a reliable resource for locals and visitors who depend on accurate weather forecasts for agriculture, fishing, transportation, and recreation.

The Tanana Watershed Mesonet team comprises a dedicated group of professionals and volunteers who ensure the integrity and accessibility of our data. We collaborate closely with educational institutions, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations to ensure that our information reaches a wide audience and has a positive impact.

Education plays a central role in our efforts. We offer workshops, seminars, and online resources to educate the public about the importance of weather data and how this information can be used for better environmental management and emergency planning.

Our involvement in policy-making is also crucial. We provide critical data that assist policymakers in developing climate adaptation strategies and risk mitigation. Our data support the development of sustainable practices that increase the resilience of our communities against extreme weather conditions.

We invite you to explore our website for the latest weather forecasts, access our archive of historical weather data, and learn more about how you can get involved in our efforts. Your support and collaboration are vital to our continued success in serving the Tanana River Basin and its inhabitants. Together, we can build a future that is both informed and resilient.