Our Building: Stage Four

This is a picture of most of our class in
the wall studs of the shack. This is
stage three; sheeting the roof and walls etc. As you can see, the right wall of our shack has the sheeting completed.
The roof hasn't been built yet, but will be started soon. Over one thousand dollars in wood and supplies was donated by
Delta Building Supply.
They are a local business and
have been an incredible support.
We are very grateful for their help.

This is a picture of the mostly finished shack. The last stage is putting on the vinyl siding.T he siding was donated by Heritage Homes, a local remodeling contractor. We hope to finish the siding stage by The Spring of 2002. It will take so long because we are in school and we can only work on it during the weekends. The class agreed that siding will give the syrup production building a real classy look. Click the stagefour window to learn more about it.


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Stage Three

Stage Four

Finished Shack