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This is a picture of some of the people in my class installing the fykenet. We have been catching juvenile fish with the net. Then we take notes on what we catch and sometimes send our field journals in to be checked by the Fish and Game. We purchased this fykenet through a grant from American Water Resource Association. Our goal is to see what kind of salmon are living in Whitestone Creek; a creek by our farm.

We have found out that there are Silver Salmon and a few suckers in our creek. Earlier this winter we saw a couple of adult Silver salmon spawning and the next day we found them in our net.

This a picture of James looking to see if there are any fish in our fykenet. He is also getting all of the little pieces of ice and sticks out from being caught in the net. We have to do this every time we go down to check the net.  It is usually a different person every time, because we all love to get in the water.


Some fun facts about the stream:  
-it is about 2.5 feet deep 
-it is  0.9 degrees F in the winter
-the headwaters are about 1 mile away
-some of the rocks are covered with algae

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We check out our fykenet every Wednesday and sometimes a couple of people get wet.  We take pictures of each time we are down there. 

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