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This is a picture of my whole class except for Joe (with me in the green polerfleece).

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This is a picture of my whole class except for Matt.


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I am James Greenleaf and this is a photo of me. My whole class is installing our fykenet; you can find out about the fykenet by going to "Catchingbabies". I have had a lot of fun learning about what fish eat and 3 designing the site"Bugstuff".

We are studying Silver Salmon. In the winter these juvenile fish mostly eat Catus Fly, May Fly and Stone Fly larva. During these cold months the insects crawl about on the stream bottoms. But in the warmer months these bugs mature and fly about. Many biologist regard these bugs as good indicators of a streams health.

During the winter all the adult salmon have died and next years generation sits in rounded darkness developing in the near zero degree water. See the photo below for a look at how the eggs might appear in mid december.


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To learn more about salmon eggs go to "Classroomeggs"

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