Hi-Tech Equipment

We purchased this Olympus D600L digital camera used with a grant from the AWRA. We have used it on many of our adventures. We used it to take all the pictures you see here on these pages.

The camera's resolution is 1.4 mega-pixels and has a flash that is helpful in making the picture clear without blurring. There is a screen on the back that allows you to view the picture you have taken. When we have taken all the pictures we need, we take the card out of the back and insert it into a special card reader that downloades our pictures to our hard drive. Then we move them to a photo editing program called Photo Impact.

We all know how to take and manipulate digital photos. The one to the right was taken off the Oympus web site.

Soil Moisture
Date Retrieval Cable
24 Inch Probe Ditch
Digital Camera
Data Logger