Soil Moisture Data

This graph represents the data we downloaded from our data-logger at the upper sample area. The dark line shows the amount of unfrozen soil moisture at 24 inch beneath the soil surface. It appears flat and stable; maybe because it is so deep and away from the freezing surface temperatures. The pink line has some moisture increases probably due to some rain and snow we received at the coresponding dates. Click the graph to see an enlargement.
This graph is of the soil moisture at our lower sap-site. The results are dramatic with the deepest probe registering the most soil moisture and the sharpest drop in mid- feburary. In late summer the there seems to be a lot of water 24 inches down. Because this site is 25 vertical feet lower than our upper-site; we think the water table plays a major role in the amount of moisture.

The soil moisture at 6 inches appeared freeze quickly and produces a fairly flat line for most of the winter. Click the graph to see an enlarged version of this data.

Soil Temp.
Soil Moisture
Panel Temp.
Enlargement Enlargement