Our Building: Stage One

This is me starting the deck of the building. We used 8"x8"X14'
rough cut beams for our skids. We purchased them from a local sawmill
at a great price. I am using a
nailgun to nail the floor joists onto the skids. The deck dimensions are
10 feet by 12 feet. We figured that should give us enough room to process and store the sap this spring.
All the members of the class
worked on this with Mr. Donaldson
at different times throughout the summer.

This is Nicholaus pounding the floor joists
straight so I can nail them in place. We used
Douglas Fir for added strength during moving.
Several of us spent most of one Saturday
getting things square and level.
As you can see, we have almost
finished this stage of the project. A few
more nails and we will begin sheeting
the deck. Click on stage two,
to see more about this.



Stage One
Stage Two
Stage Three
Stage Four
Finished Shack