Shaw Creek Watershed

The Shaw Creek project, including the real-time web-interface component,
were funded, supported, and made possible by the following organizations.

Shaw Creek Network Sponsors and Contacts

Alaska Boreal Forest Council
David Valentine, 907-457-8453

Geo-Watersheds Scientific
Michael Lilly, 907-479-8891

School of Fisheries, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Gordon Hass

Whitestone Farms
John Donaldson

Alaska Department Of Fish and Game
Fronty Parker and Tom Paragi

Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Office of Habitat
Jim Durst

Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry
Chris Maisch

Engineering and Environmental Internet Solutions, LLC
Gary Whitton, 907-456-5581

Shaw Creek Network Sponsors

Alaska Boreal Forest Council Alaska Department of Fish and Game Alaska Department of Natural Resources GW Scientific

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