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Shaw Creek
Watershed Studies

Aerial View of Shaw Creek Area

Shaw Creek, a northern tributary of the Tanana River, drains the Yukon-Tanana Uplands. As a result of this watershed's intrinsic value, the Alaska Boreal Forest Council and GW Scientific established three long term monitoring stations. The purpose of these stations is to gather much needed baseline data for the sustainable development of the Tanana River basin, such that multiple land uses can be supported while protecting the natural qualities of this watershed. Our other partners in this effort include the communities of Whitestone Farms and Shaw Creek, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources (Division of Forestry), and Restoration Science and Engineering. We also appreciate the coordination and assistance of the Alaska Departments of Fish and Game and Natural Resources. Our funding resources are being matched by Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Nonpoint Source Pollution Program.

new.gif - 147 Bytes Do you frequent Shaw Creek Watershed and are interested in collecting data for our volunteer water quality program? If so, please contact Jan Dawe at Alaska Boreal Forest Council or Michael Lilly at GW Scientific. Download our Volunteers Needed Flyer for more information.

The data available at the following links are new and provisional. Please check back soon to view new data and new features.

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