Shaw Creek Watershed

Additional Data and Reports

Alaska Boreal Forest Council - Fact Sheets

Mendez, J., 2002, Importance of Hydrology Data for Watershed Managers. Alaska Boreal Forest Council 2002, ABFC-FS-02a.pdf 645KB

Youcha, E., Lilly, M., and Mendez, J., Hydrologic Assessments of the Shaw Creek Watershed. Alaska Boreal Forest Council 2003, ABFC-FS-03-05.pdf 3,751 KB

Hydrologic Assessments at Shaw Creek Watershed. Alaska Boreal Forest Council 2003, ABFC-FS-03-06.pdf 3,990 KB

Youcha, E., National Science Teachers Association 2004 Outstanding Environmental Educator Winner! Alaska Boreal Forest Council 2004, ABFC-FS-04-01.pdf 445 KB

Quality Assurance Program Plan

Lilly, M.R., Youcha, E.K., Dawe, J., McCaffrey, R., and Nyman, D., Quality Assurance Workplan for the Hydrologic Assessment of Shaw Creek Watershed and Adjacent Southern Tributaries of the Tanana Basin, Alaska. GW Scientific, Alaska Boreal Forest Council, Restoration Science and Engineering 2004, Shaw_Creek_Watershed_QAPP_2005a.pdf 1.690 KB

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