Fairbanks Mesonet

Mesonet Stations and Other Data Sources

Fairbanks Mesonet Stations

Name Available Data Station Type Ownership
Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC) AT, RH, WS, WD, GS Meteorologic Fairbanks Mesonet
Creamer's Field AT, RH, WS, WD Meteorologic Fairbanks Mesonet
Dog Mushers Hall AT, RH, WS, WD Meteorologic Fairbanks Mesonet
Ester Dome Summit, EDP021 AT, RH, WS, WD, P, WL Hydrologic
Fairbanks Mesonet
Ester Fire Department, EDP027 AT, RH, WS, WD, P, WL Hydrologic
Fairbanks Mesonet
Fort Wainwright Station AT, WS, WD, SoT, SM Geotechnical
Fairbanks Mesonet
Pearl Creek Ridge Index Station AT, RH, WS, WD, BP, SoT, SM, SR Geotechnical
Fairbanks Mesonet
Fairbanks Airport AT, RH, WS, WD, BP, P, WC, V, DP Meteorologic Fairbanks Mesonet (NOAA)
Fort Wrainwright Army Airfield AT, RH, WS, WD, BP, P, WC, V, DP Meteorologic Fairbanks Mesonet (NOAA)
Eielson Air Force Base AT, RH, WS, WD, BP, P, WC, V, DP Meteorologic Fairbanks Mesonet (NOAA)

Caribou-Poker Creek Research Watershed (CPCRW)

CPCRW - Caribou Peak AT, RH, WS, WD, P Meteorologic UAF-WERC
CPCRW - Helmers Ridge Station AT, RH, WS, WD, P Meteorologic UAF-WERC
CPCRW - C4 Station AT, RH, WS, WD, P Meteorologic UAF-WERC
CPCRW - CRREL Station AT, RH, WS, WD, P Meteorologic UAF-WERC

Other Related Sites

Alaska Climate Research Center AT, RH, WS, WD, BP Meteorologic GI
Birch Hill Recreation Area AT, RH, WS, WD, WC, ST Meteorologic Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks
Creek's House North Pole, Alaska AT, RH, WS, P Meteorologic T.C.'s Computer Consulting

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Geophysical Institute Alaska Boreal Forest Council Arctic Region Supercomputing Center UAF Water and Environmental Research Center GW Scientific National Weather Service

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